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Key facts about Hessen:

State capital: Wiesbaden (278,000 inhabitants)
Largest city: Frankfurt/Main (660,000 inhabitants)
Gross domestic product per employee: 71.200 Euros (2012)
Inhabitants: 6.1 million
Total area: 21,114.79 km2/8,152.47 miles
Longest rivers: Rhine, Main, Weser, Neckar, Werra, Lahn, Fulda, Eder
Largest lake: Edersee (water supply dam, 1,180 hectares/2,916 acres)
Largest forest: Hinterlandswald (21,863 hectares/54,025 acres)

Highest mountain: Wasserkuppe (950.2 m)
Warmest location: Frankfurt/Main
Coldest location: Usseln (Waldeckisches Upland)
Hessen borders: Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia
Independent cities and districts: 26
Communities: 426
Day of foundation: September 19, 1945
Special characteristics: strong center of Europe

Hessen is multi-facetted and offers a wide variety of activities. In addition, one is never far from nature, as 42% of Hessen is covered by forest. It is the greenest of all German states with a plentitude of rivers and lakes. The State of Hessen and its landscape are part of Germany’s Central Mountain Region. Consequently, it would be hard to avoid a certain amount of up and down between elevations and valleys when exploring Hessen’s landscape as a hiker, biker or in any other way. With spectacular rock faces and romantic castles awaiting you around every corner, the Rheingau (Rhine District) is simply magnificent. However, there are plenty of other areas in Hessen that are very attractive as well: for example Lake Edersee, located in the Waldecker Land – the ideal place for a refreshing swim in the summer. Or the Felsenmeer (“sea of rock”) located in the Odenwald, an area shrouded in legends. Those fit enough to take up the challenge may want to try conquering the peak of the Felsberg, and then reward themselves with a great sip of wine from the Bergstraße route in the evening.

And yet, Hessen offers far more than only its superb landscape. It is also one of Germany’s leading states in terms of economic performance. Its central location offers many industries a perfect starting point for serving both the domestic and international market. Hessen also boasts a wide variety of cultural offerings ranging from opera to regional festivals and even includes events of international fame, such as the exhibition of modern and contemporary art “documenta” in Kassel.

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